Available In The Summer:

Beans – Yellow, Green, String and Bush


Broccoli – Gypsy

Brussels Sprouts – Capitola

Cabbage – Klimaro and Bronco

Cantaloupe – Minnesota Midget and Hearts of Gold

Carrots – Purple Haze, Purple Dragon and Red Danvers

Cauliflower – Freedom

Celery – Tango

Corn – Early Golden Bantam and Espresso

Cucumber – Early Pride Hybrid, Regal, Improved Long Green, Dark Green, Bush Baby F1 and English Long Telegraph

Herb – Dill

Herb – Oregano

Leek – Lancelot

Lettuce – Kindle

Onions – Yellow, White, Red and Shallots

Pak Choi – Bopak

Peas – Sugar and Snap

Peppers - Bell

Potatoes – Red, White and Russian Blue

Pumpkin – Jack O’ Lantern, New Rocket and Atlantic Giant


Spaghetti Squash

Spinach – Tyee

Squash – Table Queen

Tomatoes – Tiny Tom, Earlianna, Cherry Roma, Beefstake and Cobra FI


Watermelon – Sugar Baby

Zucchini – Large and Small